Episode 54 – Deadpool 2 REVIEW (Spoilers)

Episode 54 - Deadpool 2 REVIEW + 1000 play giveaway

Listen to “Episode 54 – Deadpool 2 REVIEW (Spoilers)” on Spreaker.

The Wayang Crew are back this week with a review of Deadpool 2.

Is this a worthy sequel for the Merc with a mouth? Listen in to find out what the crew think of Deadpool’s second movie outing…this time with X-Force!

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Time Codes


Movie News

03:24 – Superman star Margot Kidder dies at age 69
04:05 – Mission Impossible : Fallout trailer looks good
05:36 – The Happytime Murders trailer is all kinds of awesome
07:00 – Solo : A Star Wars Story was on Licasfilm’s slate even before Disney acquisition
08:41 – Ron Howard compares Solo : A Star Wars story to Raiders of the Lost Ark
09:34 – Lucasfilm wants a Lando Star Wars spinoff ‘One Day’
11:14 – Avengers : Infinity War crosses $1.7 billion worldwide
12:35 – Digital HD release date for Avengers : Infinity War announced
13:40 – Chris Hemsworth may not be done playing Thor
15:52 – Andy Serkis interested in reuniting with Matt Reeves for The Batman movie
17:24 – Henry Cavill ‘Surprised’ by how much his mustache inpacted Justice League
18:57 – RUMOR : Ben Affleck now wants to stay on as the DCEU’s Batman
21:13 – Tom Cruise is open to tackling a Superhero role
22:35 – Universal’s Dark Universe may make a Monstrous return
23:43 – The Rock & Jason Statham Fast & Furious spinoff movie will be a ‘Buddy Movie’
24:50 – Zombieland 2 still in the works, with original cast
26:38 – Gambit movie apparently starts shooting this summer…apparently

Movie Review

28:07 – Deadpool 2 REVIEW (Spoilers)

Weekly Segment

46:55 – Apa Liat Liat? (See What What?)


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Author: The Wayang Crew

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