Episode 61 – Ant-man and The Wasp REVIEW

Episode 61 - Ant-man & The Wasp REVIEW


The Wayang Crew sit down this week to bring you our review of Marvel’s Ant-man and The Wasp

Find out what we think about this latest Marvel entry, post “Infinity War” and what this movie possibly means in the MCU

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Time Codes



Movie News

02:00 – Kevin Feige teases more female MCU Directors
03:49 – Sean Gunn teases more Kraglin in Avengers 4
05:08 – Nicholas Cage joins cast of Spider-man : Into the Spider-verse
06:38 – X-Men : Dark Phoenix still on Fox’s schedule
07:44 – Statterstar actor Lewis Tan thinks he’ll return for X-Force movie
08:14 – Lewis Tan has met with DC about NIGHTWING Movie
08:53 – Alien franchise future could be headed to TV series
10:25 – Aquaman cast to appear on CONAN during Comic-con
11:54 – Mission : Impossible director tried to ‘Accommodate’ Justice League reshoots
13:40 – Last Jedi remake Parody Poster
16:19 – JJ Abrams cast may be in Tarantino’s Star Trek film
17:36 – Jurassic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow welcomes the idea of Sam Neill, Laura Dern return to the series
18:39 – Top Gun : Maverick casts Miles Teller as Goose’s Son
19:50 – A Quiet Place sequel won’t be rushed
20:56 – Idris Elba cast as villain for Fast & Furious spinoff
22:01 – Sony uploads the full ‘Khali the Killer’ movie instead of the Trailer…FAIL!

Movie Review


23:20 – Non-Spoiler
30:09 – FULL Spoiler

Weekly Segment

41:59 – Apa Liat Liat? (What See See?)



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