Episode 66 – The Meg REVIEW

Episode 66 - The Meg REVIEW

The Meg has reached Brunei shores!

Is this Giant Shark movie worth you taking a bite of? Listen in this week’s episode of The Wayang Crew Podcast to find out.

We’re also announcing the winner of our Ant-Man & The Wasp goodie giveaway contest at the end of the episode. Are you the lucky winner?

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Time Codes


Movie News

02:28 – Robert Redford to officially retrire from acting
03:44 – Slaughterhouse Rulez Trailer
05:10 – All 20 MCU films returning to IMAX for 10th-Anniversary festival
06:50 – Black Panther crosses $700 million in US domestic box office
08:13 – Marvel lobbying Disney for James Gunn compromise
12:15 – Topher Grace gives Tom Hardy’s Venom seal of approval
13:53 – Sony has a weird name for it’s Spider-Verse movies
15:13 – The Batman to begin filming in 2019, Ben Affleck producing
17:10 – Joker origin movie may target R-rating
17:21 – Zazie Beetz joins the cast of Joker film
18:11 – WB developing Supergirl movie
20:07 – Vin Diesel announces Bloodshot movie has started production
21:48 – Star Trek 4 reportedly loses Pine & Hemsworth pver pay dispute
24:10 – Cowboy Ninja Viking production delayed indefinitely
24:48 – Haspro planning Power Rangers movie sequel
25:21 – Idris Elba reportedly a top contender for James Bond
26:47 – Fox developing Bob’s Burgers movie, Simpsons movie sequel & Family Guy movie
27:37 – First look at Live-Action Dora the Explorer


28:58 – Full Spoiler REVIEW



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Author: The Wayang Crew

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