Episode 70 – The Predator REVIEW

Episode 70 - The Predator REVIEW

The Predator has invaded Bruneian Cinemas!

Can this Predator sequel stay on top of the food chain or should it just start it’s self-destruct sequence?

Listen in to this week’s episode to find out what The Wayang Crew have to say about it

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Time Codes


Movie News

02:03 – Henry Cavill exits as DCEU’s Superman?
04:43 – Warner Bros. eyeing Game of Thrones star for Batman
05:28 – Ryan Gosling would star in a Batman Movie – from La La Land director
06:43 – Jon Hamm wants to be the DCEU’s next Batman
08:38 – New Mutants star says the delay in film’s release will pay off
09:39 – Blumhouse CEO wants to revive Scream & I Know What You Did Last Summer
11:59 – IT: Chapter 2 writer denies trilogy rumors
12:57 – Disney’s MULAN remake rumored to feature Mushu
15:18 – Stallone teases RAMBO 5 will begin filming soon
17:01 – Paul Feig says GHOSTBUSTERS sequel would’ve gone global
18:38 – Jordan Peele may have his sights on a CANDYMAN remake
19:26 – ‘Re-hire James Gunn’ petition surpasses 400,000 supporters
20:33 – AVENGERS : Infinity War finishes box office run
21:41 – AVENGERS 4 art offers closer look at Hulk’s new suit
22:46 – Did Civil War reveal when, exactly, CAPTAIN MARVEL takes place?
25:17 – Nicholas Cage knows ehat it would take to make a Great GHOST RIDER film…apparently


26:45 – Non-Spoiler REVIEW
34:01 – FUll Spoiler REVIEW

Weekly Segment

39:35 – Apa Liat Liat?


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