Episode 71 – The Bungsu Story FEATURE

Episode 71 - The Bungsu Story

On this week’s episode of The Wayang Crew Podcast, we sit down and have a chat with the Producers and Cast of THE BUNGSU STORY.

Listen in to this week’s episode to find out more from A’aqiil, Amali and Nasruddin representing Brunei’s own, Filterworks Productions.

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Time Codes


Movie News

03:09 – CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer…Finally
06:56 – MARY POPPINS Trailer
09:35 – Keanu Reeves is back in the REPLICAS Trailer
11:09 – Set Photos and Videos of Jaoquin Phoenix’s Joker
13:35 – Avengers 4 Cast & Crew photo sparks speculation about fan favouite’s return
15:04 – Avengers 4 teaser photo may have confirmed War Machine’s Proton Cannon
16:37 – Kevin Feige to oversee Disney’s X-Men films
18:41 – Patrick Stewart cast as Bosley for CHARLIE’S ANGELS reboot
19:32 – Ryan Coogler & LeBron James team up for SPACE JAM sequel
21:15 – Cary Fukunaga to direct James Bond 25. Casino Royale writers to return for script
23:24 – New set photo from MEN IN BLACK reboot
25:23 – ZOMBIELAND 2 starting production in January 2019
26:36 – Eddie Murphy to return with GRUMPY OLD MEN remake
28:00 – KINGSMAN 3 release date announced, Matthew Vaughn to write and direct
29:10 – Star Wars release schedule may slow down after Episode 9

The Bungsu Story FEATURE

35:58 – Kev sits down with the Producers and Cast of THE BUNGSU STORY

Weekly Segment

49:27 – Apa Liat Liat?


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